Column Rush: GHHS Student Chad Carlson Invents New App

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Column Rush: GHHS Student Chad Carlson Invents New App

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A group of GHHS seniors recently invented a new app for Smartphones, Column Rush. One of our writers, Aidan Brown, got a chance to sit down and talk with Chad Carlson, senior, about it.

Q: What is the app?

A: The app is a simple addicting arcade game in which you control a ball moving down 5 columns and have to pass by a spike to get to the next round. Each round the ball and spike speed increase making it more difficult.

Q: How did starting an app come to mind?

A: Starting the app came from the idea of owning something cool that everyone could have access to and we could have control over it, and maybe make some money from it.

Q: Are you the only person who made the app?

A: Although we didn’t code the app Owen Berg and Blake Ellestad are part owners of this app as well.

Q: What are some of your plans for the future of the app/ company?

A: Our company- Peak Harbor LLC are in the works of creating a major update for this game which will include a coin system with in app purchases and many other features. This app is just one of the many projects we are working on.