GHECO Encourages Eco-Friendly Habits In and Outside of School

Why You Need to Jump on the GHECO Bandwagon


GHECO Club is a very important part of keeping GHHS and the community around the school eco friendly and clean. They are in charge of all of the recycling bins set around the school including taking them outside to the dumpster. They helped pay for and maintain the refillable water bottle station near the commons. This helps to reduce the amount of waste that the school produces. They hope to by not only making students at Gig Harbor High School more aware of how much waste they are making at school, but taking that knowledge and enforcing it outside of school as well. GHECO Club also does many clean-ups outside of school where they sometimes partner with PetMet parks and host different events for people to pick up garbage and clean up the community. In the past, they have also volunteered at Harbor Day and Tidefest. At Tidefest, they sold scones to many of the hungry guests. The club is currently full of upperclassmen and are trying to recruit younger members to help preserve the oldest club at the high school.