Spring Break Adventuring


Freshmen Stephanie Camacho, Sierra Dague, and Natallya Hyldahl. The chart shows how many people, out of 27, traveled over the spring break.

Spring break is a time for relaxing for many, but it can also be a fantastic time to explore new places! Many of the Tides got to adventure to several exotic places.


Freshman Stephanie Camacho went to Kauai, Hawaii with her best friend Ashleigh Johnson and her family. Her favorite part was riding the 4×4 and zip lining because it helped her release stress and she got to see all the pretty sites Hawaii had to offer. Unfortunately, the first day she got there it started to rain. “I was disappointed to get there and have it start raining because I’m so use to it raining at home and wanted to see something new.”  Despite the disappointing weather, she loved getting to go to all the malls and shop her heart out and even getting to swim with turtles, whales, and dolphins. The flight took six hours, but luckily, she and Ashleigh were entertained the entire time with some great films and playlists. They can’t wait to go again!


Sierra Dague got to visit Long Beach, Washington this spring break to spend time with her family. Besides going to the beach, she also went to a bunch of different arcades, and got to see the largest frying pan! She was pleasantly surprised to see her friend Jack, the “Alligator Man.” Her relaxation was interrupted “When we were leaving, my dog called us and my whole family thought someone was robbing us.” That gave Sierra and her family a big scare. But the  beautiful Long Beach and most importantly, getting to hang out with all of her family made up for it.


Freshman Natallya Hyldahl went to Dubai to go visit her dad for the whole week. The flight technically took about eighteen hours, but with all of the different time zone changes, it felt like an entire 32 hours for Natallya. On the bright side, the highlights of Natallya’s trip were breathtaking experiences. She got to ride horses on the beach. She loved all the views and got to see new sites. Not to mention, she stayed in the Atlantis Hotel, which had a water park that she went to almost every night, and the hotel includes features that make guests feel like they are under water. It was hassle to get around because of all of the traffic, but once she made it out from the bustle of honking horns and busy intersections, she enjoyed doing more things like shopping at the malls and going to trampoline parks in her spare time. “[It was a very fun experience and I can’t wait to visit my dad again in the summer!”