Nerf Wars


Nerf War participants plan out their next kill. Photo Credit: Rebecca Ronzone

The wait is finally over, Nerf Wars is in full swing and let me tell you people are playing dirty this year. As students in Gig Harbor, Nerf Wars has been a prominent senior activity in the community for as long as I can remember. Students wait three whole high school years to play Nerf Wars but is it really worth the hype? I mean if you think about it, the premise of the game is kinda dumb, you try to “kill” fellow peers on other teams with nerf guns but in the process there is unnecessary drama created. Nerf Wars is a parents worst nightmare, I mean no parent likes to think about their child in a high speed car chase in order to get a “kill” or having high scholars trespass. Sure Nerf Wars is all fun and games but in reality I think it is not worth the hype whatsoever. This game is fun for a little bit but after the first few days it gets boring and makes it hard to live your live without worry of getting shot. I think it is a great tradition for seniors to participate in but I think there is a safer way that it can be played, we don’t need students to risk their life by reckless driving just to meet quota or get a kill. But playing nerf wars isn’t all negative there are some fun times during the game like hiding in the bushes to shot someone or getting blocked in by the team hunting you. After playing this game I’ve learned to always be prepared, you never know how long you will be stuck in your car for. Currently my team is still in the game and I am “alive”, my team name is Shoot it and Boot it. Sadly my team hasn’t made a kill yet and last night I was on a mission to get the teams first kill. We were waiting for one of the guys we were hunting at his house and I was in the bushes waiting to get the shot. Once he got home, I was waiting for him to walk closer to the door and I would make my move. Once he was there I was running full force to him and the clumsy person I am, I tripped and fell face first off a rock wall. Sadly I didn’t make the kill, but it does make for a good story to tell.