Prom Less Than One Week Away

The Union Station in Tacoma, where prom will be held. Photo credit

With prom a week away, everyone is ready for the unforgettable night that they have been waiting for all of high school. But preparations have been in full swing for months now, this year Gig Harbor Senior Prom is at Union Station in Tacoma, this has been planned by the wonderful art teacher Mrs.Yeaman, as it’s going to be a beautiful Gatsby filled night. The station will be a set back into time to the 1920’s filled with jazz and the glamour. But everyone has been looking forward to this night for since freshman year, planning it and wanting for the perfect night. From the promposal to the dress, it will be a night to remember. This year the promposals were as extravagant  as we expected, from getting asked on the big screen at the Rainiers to getting asked after getting your wisdom teeth out- this year they were thoughtful and meaningful. I got the chance to talk to some excited seniors as they prep for prom, with making all the plans for dinner and post prom, everyone is looking forward to this unforgettable night. As a senior this year I am excited for prom, even with all of the stress that has been brought with it. For me I am I can’t wait to go this year, after going to prom last year as a junior, I am looking forward to experience this night with all of my friends. I’ve been looking forward to prom since I was little, and always loved getting ready and wearing pretty dresses, but I am most excited to see everyone else already- it makes it even better that the theme is Great Gatsby. But not everything is about the night itself, it’s about the memories being made. This is one of the last times everyone will be together, after going to school with all of these kids since elementary school it is the time to make memories before we all part our ways next year. This is a great way to end the year before we all graduate the following weekend and move onto the next chapter of our life, seeing what our future holds.