New Science Teacher Mrs. Leroy


Twin Science teachers Mrs. Munkres (left) and Mrs. Leroy (right). Photo taken by Mrs. Leroy.

Mrs. Leroy has been teaching Biology, Anatomy, Physiology, and Field Ecology for almost 15 years with her sister Mrs. Munkres. She and her sister have lived in Gig Harbor for the last 16 years but both have been teaching at North Mason High School until her sister resigned and started to teach here at Gig Harbor. The transition to GHHS from North Mason has been amazing, all staff members have been very helpful and welcoming. She said the differences in Gig Harbor and North Mason is the semester system instead of trimesters because, at North Mason, her son and her were often on different schedules, which lead to her not spending a lot of time with him. She has always wanted to live in the community where she teaches, and the deciding factor to make the transition is that she has lived in Gig harbor for the last 16 years. She plans on teaching here for indefinitely until she retires, and is happy that things have come a full circle from graduating from GHHS in 1997 to returning here as a science teacher in 2018, continuing to inspire a love of science in my students. Mrs. Leroy said that it is amazing that she got to replace her 9th grade Biology teacher Mrs. Moore who instilled in her a love and passion for science, and was the teacher who inspired her trajectory of becoming just like her, a science teacher.