Sitting With Friends


From left to right: Madigan McGinn (10), Benjamin Nussbaum (10), and Joesph Boynton (10). Photo taken by Anna Schumaker.

Every highschool student looks forward to lunch time. It’s a chance to socialize, eat, and take a break to just relax. Most people spend their lunch in the commons, but some students enjoy walking around campus. Nora Poulton (9) and Christian Ronning (11) both have second lunch, but like to spend their given time differently. Nora Poulton (9) likes to sit with her friends in the commons. But some students don’t sit in the commons and would rather just stretch their legs. Christian Ronning (11) likes walking around with his group of friends during lunch. He said, “[We] walk around, hangout, and just talk.” Some students sit and others walk, but they are doing the same thing, which is basically just interacting with friends.

Some teens have known each other since middle school, but some met freshman year. Ronning is a junior and he still spends lunch with friends that he has known since middle school, and even people from elementary school. A few friends he met freshman year. Poulton is currently a freshman, she still sits with her middle school friends, but she also has met other people this year. In high school you have your old friends from middle school, but you can also meet a lot of new friends freshman year or throughout high school.

When you are a senior at GHHS you have the option to leave campus during lunch. It’s a privilege that many students look forward to. Being free to leave with your friends to go get lunch is pretty convenient. But if you’re not a senior your options are buying lunch or bringing it. Poulton said she likes to bring, “Pretzels, carrots, and stuff like that.” Other students rather buy the daily lunch special.

Every high schooler enjoys lunch whether they have first or second. It’s their chance to sit or walk and just chat with their friends.