Meet The Garden Club


From left to right, the top row is Jordan Costing and Laura Larzelere The bottom row is Joe Stephens, Katie Ward, Megan Hanson. Photo Credit: Anna Schumaker

Garden Club is one of the newest clubs at GHHS. Last year, Tyra Stout (11) and a few of her friends were discussing gardening in their history class. They found out that they all had an interest in gardening and they decided to start a club to share that interest.

Tyra hopes that Garden Club can show people that “the younger generation can get off their phones and help out with the community too.” She is very passionate about gardening and wants to prove how fun it can really be. Tyra’s favorite flower is the Daffodil, because she used to plant them with her grandfather. “He actually is the one
that made me love gardening,” she stated. She has big plans for Garden Club. She hopes that next year they will have more members and will be able to take on bigger projects.

Spring is the beginning of the gardening season and members have been busy discussing and selecting seeds for the plants they will grow this year. Members of the club have already planted flowers outside the entrance of GHHS and are still discussing what other plants they can grow at the school. Garden Club also has their own bed in the community garden at Wilkinson Farm Park and they plan to divide it up evenly for each member to place their desired plants to grow for the year. They plan to grow a variety of flowers, herbs and vegetables.