One Acts Taking the Stage

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Now that it’s spring, there are quite a few new activities to participate in at school. If you missed it, the drama club has begun their spring production, One Acts. One Acts is a combination of three student-directed plays including two comedies and one drama. You may have missed your chance to audition, but One Acts will be featured on May 16th and 17th at 7 pm, so come in to see the GHHS drama department in action. The directors are working with their cast and crew to produce a show that can live up to the program’s standards. “Shot in the Dark”, written and directed by Kiana Greene, is a comedy about gangsters in the 1920’s who have a run-in with the law and must quickly find a way to avoid jail. The gangsters and their significant others scramble to cover up the murder they had committed and crazy antics ensue. “Booby Trap”, directed by Elsie Shaw is about a US Army soldier’s life, or rather, death in the field. He flashes back to simpler times and shows the audience the most treasured memories of his life. Expect this play to tug at your heartstrings, especially if you have a friend or family member deployed in the military. “To Date or Not to Date”, directed by Britta Davis is a comedy about Shakespearean characters, including the famous Macbeth, Joan of Arc, Hamlet, Juliet, Romeo, and King Lear. The characters end up dating the wrong counterpart, and humor revolving around the characteristics of their personas is blatantly displayed in the script. Ultimately, going to One Acts gives you something to do, entertains you, and supports the thespians who dedicated their free time in order to pursue what they love.