NCA Cheer Camp


While at the National Cheerleading Association’s cheer camp, our very own, Gig Harbor High School varsity squad won a spirit stick everyday, their main goal for going to camp! To win a spirit stick, everyone on the team has to be positive, support their time as well as others, and demonstrate the goal of a cheerleader. In addition, they won top team and about half of the team competed in All-American tryouts including, Caroline Park (12), Allison Townsend (11), Katherine Wallace (11), Olivia Britt (11), Mikayla Dunham (11), Madeline Fouquette (11), Gracie McClendon (11), and Zoe McIntosh (9). To participate in All-American tryouts a cheerleader has to exemplify showmanship, poise, technique or crowd leading skills. The girls learn the All-American cheer two days in advance to tryouts. On Thursday, they had to perform alone in front of three judges and were scored on jumps, tumbling, cheers, and overall spirit. This year, Zoe McIntosh was the only freshman to make it to All-American tryouts. She said that the experience was “fun and scary… but it was also stressful performing alone.” On the other hand, this year was Caroline Parks last year, she stated that getting the opportunity to “step out of my comfort zone and cheer to the best of my capability in front of people I didn’t know.”

 This year the teams NCA staffer was Gi Gi and their leadership staffer was Amy. While at camp the team made close friends with Ferndale’s varsity team and even had a last day party in their dorm rooms. Alongside, getting to better know the Monroe varsity and junior varsity teams. Nobody can wait to get to see all of their new friends during the competition season. All in all, the whole team was so excited to go to NCA cheer camp and everyone is excited to go again next year!