Where’s the Best Place to Hangout in Gig Harbor?

What is the best place to hangout in Gig Harbor? I mean, one of the more straightforward places would be the Harbor obviously, but what else is there to explore in town? Some of the students are limited in where they can hang out because they’re bound to the chains of a closed campus. But what of the few students who drive and can leave for lunch, where do they go? 

And what about after school, do they just go home or do they go somewhere else before they do? We asked a couple of students below where they like to go. Senior Ashley Holum said “I like to go to uptown and hang out with friends, there’s restaurants and shopping areas”.

Here’s what other students said:

“I go out to eat with my boyfriend then go home to do homework and study.” Remarked senior Kaylyn Sanford.

Shea Allen, also a senior, said, “My friends house so some good video games.”

Seems like up town or home are the hotspots for student hangouts. Though it may not seem like much, but the small town of Gig Harbor has a lot to explore out there other than just the students favorites. So where will you go? Do you go somewhere different? Go on an adventure outside of your bedroom doors!