Hometown Throwdown


Over the long Memorial Day weekend, I attended a country music festival, called the Hometown Throwdown, put on by one of the local radio stations, 100.7. The lineup consisted of Adam Hamrick, Jimmie Allen, Blanco Brown, Lauren Alaina, Jordan Davis, Chase Rice, and Cole Swindell.  An entire day of country music was the best day! The whole thing started at noon, filled with talented singers leading up to the headliner, Cole Swindell. This day was absolutely best day ever and something I will remember forever. I grew up listening to country music with my dad in his truck, so seeing them perform live was amazing.


The first performer was Adam Hamrick. His set was short but still amazing! Second was Jimmie Allen, an amazing performer. Next was Blanco Brown, who got the crowd super involved and hyped. Then it was Lauren Alaina, who sang her songs about girl power. Starting to wrap up the night, Jordan Davis came out to put on an amazing set. Second to last was Chase Rice, who performed several songs including his hit song, Eyes on You. And last but not least was Cole Swindell, the person everyone had been waiting for.


Overall, this music festival was absolutely amazing and I plan on going again next year. The atmosphere was so fun and filled with great people to enjoy the day with. I definitely recommend this to any country music fans who are looking for a good day!