Homecoming Proposals


For many people, autumn is the favorite season of the whole year. It not only brings sweater weather, seasonal drinks and a Halloween mood, but Homecoming is also a big thing, for some people, it’s even their Fall-Highlight. Everyone is super excited, maybe nervous too, but nobody can wait for this school year. It’s a perfect way to start the new year and of course the football season, which is everyone’s favorite! The girls are looking for homecoming dresses and are scrolling on their Pinterest for the perfect hairstyle, but the guys plan on their posters for the famous homecoming dates. 

Some people already got asked at the end of summer, but for most of us, fall is the season of excitement and nervousness. Everyone searches for the best idea, tries to make the best poster, and gets good candy. 

One example of our school’s homecoming proposals is, writing on a football, which asked about going to the dance. Also, a lot of guys mentioned the girl’s hobbies, like sports, art or photography.


Sunday the 15th September, 6 o’clock, Jenny Schill (12) was working on her homework and listening to her favorite music, when somebody rang the door. With no idea who it could be, Schill walked to the door, after her host mom told her to open it. Ty Berry (10) stood in front of her, holding a big sign. “It”s my goal to kick it with you at HOMECOMING”. Jenny started playing soccer here again, after a five year long break. Jenny and Ty became friends trough church and are almost best friends. Neither Schill nor Berry can wait for the 12th October.