Polo Power


GHHS Boys varsity water polo team have been undefeated for two weeks straight and being determined to win the next,  the last game had them leading a whopping 16 to 8 score. Water polo is a tough sport; it takes time to get the hang of it. Even the goalie’s job is hard. One of the Tides’ goalies Michael Derouin (10) explained,  “A lot of it is reflexes. You watch the ball consistently and try to anticipate shots/plays so that you’re always in position”. There is a lot going through the player’s head, such as trying to stay on the opponent, getting high enough out of the water to shoot, and trying to figure out where the ball goes next. But still it seems to all fall in places for the players during games. Gig Harbor’s team has a spark that motivates them and pushes them to reach out to other players and assist one another to win a game. Gabe Mcoy added, “ I think water polo is a very fun but it does take a lot of work and dedication to become good and ultimately have fun.” As a team they have to grow through the season until they make it to state.