The E-Girl Epidemic


What is an E-girl? An E-girl can best be described as a girl with a certain internet personality, which also comes with a certain style of clothing. E-girls are mostly on platforms such as, Youtube, Tik Tok, Instagram and Twitch. Most E-girls are lingering on Tik Tok currently because that’s where they can post videos of them lip syncing to songs or creating entertaining content. Generally an E-girl has a very particular appearance. Their clothing is usually under the category of goth, pastel goth and grunge. Their hair is almost always dyed a bright color or has a split color. If not, then its black hair that’s styled differently. Fishnets are a popular clothing article for them and they usually pair their outfit with a chain. Often times they wear checkered vans or black platforms. Most of them or are interested with musical artists such as Billie Eilish and Melanie Martinez, who are best known for their macabre themes and anti-pop styles. A couple examples of an E-girl are, Belle Delphine and Sssniperwolf. Belle Delphine is an internet star. She mainly posted her photos on her instagram, following her patreon. Belle Delphine was a “girl gamer” as she was also a cosplayer. Sssniperwolf is also very similar to Belle Delphine. Sssniperwolf focuses on her youtube channel, where she does reaction videos and gaming. Both girls are very good examples of E-girls. The main difference from each other is their style. Sssniperwolf’s clothing style is mainly black clothing while Bell Delphine’s is usually pinks and other pastels.