Leave Me Alone

As a perfect beginning to my ultimate October bucket list, I got to attend the NF concert over the weekend. His music revolves around his family and fighting with his inner demons, both expressed in a mix of both singing and rapping. He explores dark topics like anger, death, suicide, and needing mental help. Filled to the brim with metaphors, his songs are popular because everyone can apply his lyrics to their life or interpret them in a personal way. Nate’s music has been a fairly unknown subgenre of music for a while now, not quite fitting in with the rap crowd, nor the pop music side of things. Finally, on album 3, Perception, he pulled through with his first radio hit, “Let You Down”, a song about living up to the expectations of his father. Despite the popularity of the song, NF remains fairly unknown to the mainstream world. But, I digress. For a rapper who covers such tragic themes his fans were all friendly and kind to one another, minus a few normal exceptions of self-entitled crowd members. I would know, considering I was pushed up against a good portion of them in the mosh pit. Even after waiting for three hours outside of the venue, and then for another two inside, it was easy to make conversation with fellow attendees. The show was more impressive than I thought possible, flashing lights pulsed to the vibration of the loud music through the floorboards and concert attendees, resulting in a show that never felt overly boring or generic. With each surge of light the concert became more enthralling, and being packed into a room with 7,000 people became an afterthought. His usage of the set around him was also entertaining, during appropriate songs he would climb up on his cage from the Perception album, and he also had a lift for when he was singing about making it to the top. There was not one, but two times when the show became too intense for people and they ended up passing out. In response to this happening, NF would stop the show, alert security and leave the stage until the crowd calmed down and he was sure that the injured were okay. Despite this, the show was very captivating and of the highest quality. The night ended with an energetic encore that left the crowd feeling satisfied with the show. All in all, NF remains to be one of my favorite musical artists.