The Forest of No Souls

Picture yourself driving down the winding roads of Vaughn. With headlights as your only source of light, you peer into the dark woods at every turn you make, on edge about what could be lurking inside the darkness. Finally, you come across a sign on the side of the road. “The Haunted Forest at Grand Farms”, the sign says, and you know you’ve arrived at your destination. Okay, so maybe the ride there isn’t as scary as I said it was. But the ride home certainly will be. Are you a fan of haunted houses? Hikes in the woods? Mix those two and you get the Forest of No Souls, located at Grand Farms. Enjoy hot chocolate, coffee, and candy in line, then, prepare to enter the forest. Designed by the owner of the farm, the haunted forest has a new theme and trek each year. This year they explored the topic of Medieval times. Filled with witches, jesters, butchers, little demon girls, dragons, and strange forest creatures, the trail has a variety of mythical people and animals. Along with the actors, there are also two physical obstacles within the woods: a bridge across a large pond, and a walkway through a spinning tunnel. Other than muddy trails, the adventure through the woods feels authentic, fleshed out, and has new horrors at every turn. There is never a boring moment on the trail. So, if you’re looking for a fright this spooky season, stop by Grand Farms for a terrifying experience. Just remember, the ride home may be just as scary as the forest itself.


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