How Students are Traveling to School


There are a variety of ways students get to school in the morning. Out of all the freshmen that were consulted, most find their way to school by a car ride from their parents and only a few on the bus. Out of all sophomores, we found only one that walks, many ride the bus, drive themselves, are driven by a parent or carpool. Sophomores were the only grade recorded to be carpooling and there was no one found biking to school. Out of the few Juniors considered, two ride the bus, one is driven by a parent and one drives themselves. One Senior walks, one rides the bus, and, as predicted, the majority of the rest drive themselves. 

In the midst of today’s climate crisis, one would think people would be more courteous to the planet and walk or bike their way to school. Unfortunately, that is a bit harder than it sounds as the winter mornings continue to darken, and Washington weather comes into play. Carpooling is a great alternative to driving by yourself every morning with many positive outcomes for you and the environment. First and most importantly, carpooling saves you and your friend heaps of gas money. You can also take turns driving while the other gets a few more minutes of sleep or crams in some last minute homework. For the good of the community you will be reducing traffic and for the good of polar bears you can reduce the amount of greenhouse gas emissions released into the atmosphere.