2019 Fishbowl


If you don’t know what Fishbowl is, you must have just moved here, or you’re living under a rock. Fishbowl is the biggest Gig Harbor High football game of the year. Against our rivals, the Peninsula Seahawks, the whole town usually ends up making an appearance at the game. Everyone there is decked out in blue, green, white, or gold, proudly brandishing the colors of their favorite team. Most Tide games only warrant a few fans: parents, classmates, and some teachers. Yet, somehow, Fishbowl draws in the whole community, even people who have no association with the current student body. The truth is, most people don’t go to the game for the football. Thanks to a poll of The Sound’s amazing instagram community, it was revealed that 64% of Fishbowl attendees don’t go to enjoy the football; when asked why they actually go, 62% go to hang out with friends, 8% for the food trucks, and 16% to show school spirit. Nevertheless, for the football players, it’s pretty obvious that fishbowl did not go as hoped this year. With a crushing loss of 42 to 3 it was devastating for the football players to ride the bus home empty handed. However it was interesting to see how much support and unity there was at our school, at least for the few hours of the game. We did leave with one victory for the night: winning foodbowl for the first time in years. With roughly 17k food items brought in, we crushed the sea-chicken’s mere 11k. Not only did we beat them by a landslide, but we also helped needy kids along the way. This year’s fishbowl could either be a big success, or a massive failure, depending on your mindset.