The Morals Behind Our Foodbowl Victory

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Thanks to our victory in the Foodbowl competition, the GHHS student body has been celebrating the defeat of the Seahawks. “At least we won Foodbowl,” Instagram captions say; however, did we really do the right thing here? The morals of bringing food in to help the less fortunate were muddled this year due to Gig Harbor’s desperate thirst for triumph. Thanks to señor Wiseman’s class, nearly 3,600 food items were brought in unbeknownst to the school, but 906 of those items were Kirkland Brand Granola Bars alone. That translates to roughly 1/4 of the food items brought in were granola bars. The point of bringing in food to help Food Backpacks 4 Kids was to help Food Backpacks 4 Kids, not to beat Peninsula, no matter how satisfying it felt. 

As a school, we need to consider why this food was brought in. The bigger picture was definitely to help the kids, but there were definitely alternative motives to win Foodbowl. Look at the announcement our president made before the final day of Foodbowl, explaining that we simply could not let Peninsula beat us, which definitely seemed to inspire the student body. Most students rode on the backs of others, who brought in Costco size boxes of food. These students brought in the majority of the food, including a girl who had to take 3 trips to get all of her food into the school. As mentioned earlier, señor Wiseman’s class was filled to the brim with food, while that is impressive, it was really only a few students who contributed mass amounts. Just listening in on his classes proved the students were only in it for the reward of a class party rather than doing Spanish work for a day. So in terms of competition, did we have a better moral compass than Peninsula? It’s hard to say, but they did tend to have a more steady increase of food items brought in compared to our school. 

There is always room for more food and even if you don’t have the time to drop some off, you can donate money via PayPal, or by check in the mail. Each backpack sent home is worth roughly $10, which is hardly anything compared to the amount of money belonging to many Gig Harbor citizens. If you want to do more than that, go volunteer by food packaging, backpack packing, inventory-taking, working at events, monitoring donation stations, and more. Bring in pre-packaged or canned food, so long as it’s not packaged in glass, perishable, or expired. Foodbowl was helpful, but only donating food once a year is not going to help long-term. So start volunteering or donating, and make a difference in our community.

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