It and It Chapter Two Overview and Opinion


Movies: whether at the theatre, at home with a Blu-Ray, a DVD player, or maybe even on Television software, people love to watch movies. Some people like watching specific genres like Sci-Fi, Mystery, Action, Fantasy, and Adventure. One of the most popular genres is horror. Here you may find one of the most popular movies of all time, the movie It and it’s sequel It Chapter Two. It is about a mysterious force that takes the form of a clown who calls himself Pennywise, who is not of the friendly bunch. The movie starts with a little boy asking his brother to make him a paper boat that he puts on a stream. The boat soon makes its way to a storm drain where it meets Pennywise. The clown asks the boy if he would come down into the sewer, and, after a little bit of persuasion, he does and Pennywise devours the poor child. A handful of the young boys in that neighborhood quickly try to find out what happened to the boy and how he disappeared. Soon after, they have to cope with the clown terrorizing the neighborhood and everybody in it.

“The movie had a lot of twists, and I think it is much better than the other because the characters were grown up,” said Carlos Sanchez (9), “It also had tons of scary scenes and it shows much more evidence about the past and the characters’ fears,”. Adding to what Carlos said, It Chapter Two is about how the same characters from the first movie (It 2017), are now mature adults who once again come face to face with the monster from their past. Pennywise comes to take his revenge on the kids who had only temporarily disabled his demonic powers. Lily Bailey (10) also added, “It has a much better storyline than the first movie and the second has much better CGI and gore”.