Shea Allen


Shea Allen is the current president of the Anime Club and is a regular player in the Dungeons and Dragons Club. Drawing is a hobby of hers, but career- wise Allen wants to get into game design. It could be said that the clubs she is involved in have played a role in her career choice for game design and her passion in drawing. Anime and drawing gave her the idea of “doing animation in general for a job” and Dungeons and Dragons “requires you to make characters and stick with the dynamic of that character, so it plays into the whole video game aspect.” She hopes to get into AIE which stands for Academy of Interactive Entertainment,  located in Seattle. She explained “[it’s] a really small school, … [but they specialize in] game design and also movie CGI.” Currently, in her free time she likes to work digitally and use pencil when it comes to drawing. Allen enjoys drawing her own characters whenever she has time at school or at home. Additionally, she has even had someone last year commission her for her art. Overall, Shea Allen has an admirable passion for drawing and game design. It’s safe to say she has a promising future in the gaming industry.