Sierra the Search Dog Overview


Local author Robert D. Calkins has had a ton of success with his Sierra the Search Dog books. He has books for all ages from toddlers to adults. His books take you into the life of a young search and rescue volunteer. You get transported through the world of police work. His books give you mystery, suspense, love, sadness, and heartbreak. Robert has written a total of six books, including two books for teens and adults and four books for the younger audiences. Author Robert D. Calkins has been a search and rescue K9 handler for over a dozen years and counting. Robert and his current search dog K9 Ruger respond to every thing from missing persons cases to homicides. His books are about his first SAR (search and rescue) dog Sierra. Sierra is a golden retriever and has the famous golden retriever smile. She loves nothing more than to help find missing people. She gets a simple reward of a simple tennis ball. Calkins has had three wonderful golden retriever SAR dogs Sierra, Magnum, and Ruger. Ruger a four year old golden was certified as a  “Wilderness Air Scent” K9 as of 2015. He searches for live missing persons cases. 

Digger – Sierra and the Case of the Chimera Killer is the first book in the teen and adult series. Digger is about a 17-year-old SAR handler, Bryce. He is the youngest SAR dog handler on his team and he gets roped into a series of gruesome murders. He has to navigate people who don’t even believe the Chimera killer exists and his first love. Bryce and Sierra are one step behind the killer and one step ahead of the sheriff. Will Bryce and his first love make it out alive? Payout – The Scent of Money is the second and hopefully not the last book in the series. Now age 18, Bryce and Sierra are trying to take it easy, but trouble just seems to find them. With a series of supposedly accidental deaths, the Sheriff, Bob Wright, and Bryce both start to suspect something isn’t right. But with the worst detective on the case, will they find the killer before they strike again?