Homecoming, ah the wonderful thing that every movie has made out to be one of the best experiences of a freshman’s year. It’s exciting and new for a 14 or 15-year-old to experience. The thrill of being amongst high schoolers breathing the same air as them, enjoying the joys and wonders of this new and exciting world known as high school. To be honest Homecoming was great for the most part. It was interesting to see all of these people in which I met during school dancing and enjoying themselves. People managed to surprise me with their dancing skills and their confidence in their beautiful dresses and suits. However, me being me, found it hard to show off my horrible dance moves and be confident in my dress. I struggled to find the confidence to even sway my hips ever so slightly. Yet, I had an amazing group of friends with me who enjoyed my company and gave me that swell of confidence to dance and enjoy myself. This was the first dance that I’ve gone to that I’ve actually enjoyed. I never ever thought that I would go to another dance in middle school, then I was talked into going to Homecoming with my friends and I found that for the first time I enjoyed being away from my warm cozy bed and being around other living, breathing humans. I’m well aware that this sounds like I need to work on my social skills and learn to let loose but I assure you, to a freshman, highschool seems like this place where you need to prove yourself and work on making sure that you’re a person people want to be around. In a way, it’s like we’re a blank canvas just waiting for paint to be splattered all over us so we can become a masterpiece.