Kobe Greenawalt


Kobe Greenawalt is a senior at GHHS and a long time musician. He plays genres from jazz to rock, and fills his time with as much music as he can. He recently sat down for an interview about his projects and experiences. Kobe started by explaining his experience with band in school versus his own projects outside of school, “Band at school is a lot different than band outside of school…It’s not music you want to learn how to play, but it’s music you should learn how to play.” When he was asked about his current projects outside of school, this is what he had to say: “I’m in three bands, Burn Ban and Tacoma Boys…and then the other one, I think we’re calling ourselves Yacht Club or something like that.” 


Kobe was asked what his most stand out experience was in his time playing in bands around the local area. He explained the story of how his old band, Cat Puke, who had the chance to go all out with special effects, such as a timed video screen in the background and a fog machine. The crowd was throwing around beach balls, and a mosh ensued. During the concert, many of the attendees got hurt, and so in return Cat Puke gave away free T-shirts to all who attended. Kobe summed up the experience by saying,“That was a pretty stand out moment cause we were able to start that. Our music influenced a crowd to hurt each other, and then we gave them free T-shirts for their good work.”