Super Mario World Opinion

When I was five, I didn’t play the same games as most kids did around my age. I played the old ’90s games that my dad used to play when he was a kid, which mostly consisted of F-Zero, Super Mario World, Earthworm Jim, and a couple of others. These games were originally released for the ‘Super Nintendo Entertainment System’ (also called the SNES) and my dad showed them to me when I was around 3 or 4. At first, I was usually watching my dad play F-Zero or Super Mario World and he made it look very easy. The controls for F-Zero and Mario World seemed fairly simple. For Mario World, you’re mostly using a lot of jumping and running and for some items (like the fire flower) using a special button for the ability it provides you. For games like F-Zero (which is like a futuristic, hover car racing game), you’re doing a lot of drifting, and obviously using the acceleration button and the D-Pad to steer. Though to my luck, I didn’t do so well on F-Zero as I thought I would do, but I was decent at Super Mario World. What was cool about Mario World to me was the fact that there were so many secrets and hidden features to it. For instance, finding a pipe that leads from World 3 all the way to Bowser’s Castle in the final level; or even a world that has some of the ’80s/’90s slang terms as a ‘gimmick’ of the levels, and a level that gives you a Yoshi and a whole bunch of other cool items. So, I guess you could say that Super Mario World is one of my favorite games of all time. If you like the  ’80s and ’90s games as much as I do, you will probably like Super Mario World and similar games!