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Minecraft, for my family, has always been the game that we all play together, whether it may be with just us as a family, with friends, or even by ourselves. For those of you who don’t know about Minecraft or haven’t played it yet, it is a game that was made back in May of 2009. The game was (at the time) kind of boring, in my opinion. There wasn’t really much to it: there wasn’t any water, lava, mobs, or night time. All it was was just dirt, dirt, and more dirt with a little bit of stone in between. All you could do was simply place and replace blocks. So Notch, the Swedish creator of Minecraft, after some time, added more to it. It went from just plain old dirt and stone to having trees, water, lava, and crafting availability. Soon after, they added even more materials, wolves were added, and the night became a thing. Zombies and skeletons were introduced (though they couldn’t attack you), and so were pigs and chickens. Going even further, Notch and his team (called ‘Mojang’) added the snow biome and cows. This was called ‘Classic Minecraft’. Then so it went from there. Though I could tell you when they first added horses, my family and I were excited. It was cool because horses used to be for only the ‘Mo Creatures Mod’ and it was fun to figure out which kinds of horses could run the fastest (by the way, I figured out that the pure white ones are the fastest by far). Also, around the same time horses came around, my family and I found this really cool website for Minecraft called ‘Feed The Beast’. It has so many different mod packs that fit just about any person’s favorite Minecraftin style. A mod pack is regular old Minecraft mixed with a whole bunch of mods from different people. You can play one that has witchcraft, to one that allows you to explore our solar system and its planets, and even one that is more tech involved. Feed The Beast is downloadable so that it can be used directly from your computer. Minecraft parodies have also been a great addition to my family’s passion. There isn’t one Minecraft parody you can name that we haven’t heard or listened to at least once. For example, to us, “Revenge” by Youtuber Captainsparklez is a classic. But to me, I love Minecraft because it’s like every day there’s always something new. For a while, I didn’t even know they added a whole ‘ender city’ (the ‘end’ is another dimension like the nether that you use a portal to get to). Lastly, I hope you enjoy Minecraft the same way I do. You can download it on the Minecraft website.