Renegades by Marissa Meyer

The Renegades– a group of superheroes determined to return society to its former glory by establishing laws, and making decisions they think are best.

The Anarchists–a group of supervillains who are against the Renegades, and search to destroy society to restore freedom and self-sufficiency to Galton City.

If these factions sound familiar, then you must have heard of Marissa Meyer’s Renegades trilogy. After struggling through an Age of Anarchy– a period of time in which society ceased to function that was brought forth by lead Anarchist Ace Anarchy– the Renegades have gained control of Galton City, the place which the book is set. This is where the book begins. Main character Nova Artino, Ace Anarchy’s niece and one of the six anarchists featured, must break into Renegade HQ and find a way to take them down from the inside. Besides Nova, we also have Adrian Everhart, who is the adopted son of two Renegade council members and is a Renegade himself. When the two worlds collide, the morals of both groups are called into question and antics ensue.

The Renegades trilogy is excellently written. The characters, even down to the seemingly minuscule ones, were well-developed and likable, and the arcs were executed in a way that made sense and enhanced the story. The large cast of characters each have their own experience, and the way Meyer writes makes each of them seem important to the plot. The balance between upbeat moments and serious ones kept the book interesting and engaging, but the happy moments never detracted from the professional and deep tones of the book. The plot, while easy to follow, was never predictable. Each twist is executed with grace and makes sense to previous events of the book– which is more than many other books can offer. While the first and third books have their fair share of action, the second book works to build the characters, their motivations and the world around them. Meyer, as always has written an amazing book series, and her fans are excited for more to come.

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