Ready Player One Review


Ready Player One (the book and the movie) is about a high school aged boy named Wade Watts who lives in the year 2044. Though, a game developer James Halliday creates a game that’s called the Oasis. It is an advanced virtual reality gaming console that uses haptic gloves and controllers (kind of like the Oculus Quest and Rift) and an Omni-directional treadmill that ‘moves’ your Avatar in the game. At the time, Halliday’s game was so popular that the Oasis was used in everybody’s daily lives. In 2044, the world was facing an energy crisis, and all the countries were fighting for the last bit of resources that were left. The world was about to turn into one huge wasteland as one by one, cities would disappear in nuclear mushroom clouds. Therefore, this game was practically the only thing that the people called ‘fun’. So in the Oasis world, Wade is just your everyday player of the game until Halliday (or Anorak) creates a contest for all players who wish to compete. The ‘contest’ was for an easter egg (an easter egg, in this case, is like a hidden secret you can’t find normally and there are usually certain things that need to be done before you can see/obtain it). A player can find after obtaining 3 keys to unlock 3 gates. If an avatar win the ‘contest’, they get all of Halliday’s money, which was trillions of dollars. So then Wade goes on a journey trying to get this easter egg. I will mention that the people who made the movie left out a lot of the major parts out of the book. I love the book and the movie because it has a lot of video game and movie references that I love. Like in one part (possible spoiler alert for those who haven’t watched the movie or read the book) there is a whole army of video game and movie characters. Including the Halo soldiers, the Chucky doll. Though some of you might not know where this is from, but also in the front lines of this army is Pimple and the rest of his buddies from the Battletoads games. As for vehicles, Wade has an upgraded edition of the Back to the Future DeLorean, the main antagonist Sorrento has a version of Mechagodzilla, and Aech (who is Wade’s friend in the virtual world) has a vehicle-ized Iron Giant robot. There are more references than the ones I listed, but would make this article much longer than you’d think because there are so many. To tell you the truth, I actually like the book better because the way the movie made the 3 keys and gates work. I’m not saying Steven Spielberg did a horrible job or anything, I just wish he could at least follow what information the book gives at least a little bit. So, a little background information: how the keys and gates for Halliday’s contest in the book worked was that first you were given a clue at the start of the contest by James Halliday himself. Then using that clue, you find the first key by completing some sort of challenge. Then you find the gate that you unlock with the key separately with another clue that was given to you with the first key. But nope, to me it looked like Steven Spielberg completely ignored the gate and right after you get the key, the gate is already at the same place, which really disappointed me. What I also disliked about the movie, was that there were some scenes that didn’t really make sense. Like when Wade got the quarter from the robotic movie building manager (that turns out to be Ogden Morrow– Halliday’s friend who helps him make the Oasis) because Wade figured out something that helps him get the first key, and the quarter is an extra life. That wasn’t how it was supposed to go in the book. The book says that the quarter was given to Wade because he did a perfect game of Pac-Man (completing all 256 levels without losing a single life and eating every single cherry, strawberry, Ghost, etc). Which is one of those where it was an easter egg, but not the easter egg. Another disappointing scene for me was how Wade and ‘Art3mis’ (A friend that Wade meets in the Oasis that soon becomes a romantic relationship in the end,) met up in the real world. In the book, Wade and Art3mis met right at the end, while in the movie they met each other about halfway through. The fact that Wade met Art3mis at the middle of the movie was my biggest disappointment for me because in my opinion, the books are better than the movies. Especially if the book actually came first. Finally, if you ever watch the movie I hope you enjoy it and you like all of it’s 80’s pop culture as much as I did.