Snow Day


According to Shamus Smith he says he’s on the fence about it, like he doesn’t want to have school because it’s not fun, but he also has to have school so he could have a job. Also according to Kayla Franco she mentioned that she loves snow days but that she’s upset she didn’t get the day off because she has so many projects to get done. In addition Talia Spingola mentioned that she doesn’t like snow days personally so she wouldn’t mind coming to school but she thinks school shouldn’t happen if it’s putting people at risk like this morning especially with young adults driving. Jason Mackay said that he thinks that all of the Peninsula School District should have a two hour delay for the safety of new drivers and everybody in general because accidents do happen when roads are icy. Finally Quinn Lehman stated that she feels a little bit frustrated because of the safety of the students and bus drivers is not being put first and their putting education first and not health, she feels like we should have the day off.