Kylie Roppolo


According to Kylie Roppolo for her basketball started when she was younger with stories from her dad about his highschool/college years playing basketball. He would tell her about the thrill of the game and the tight friendships he made within his team.Her dad was her inspiration to become a basketball player, she continues to be to this day. The person who she admires most in basketball is Brenna Maxwell. Not only is she an amazing basketball player from a small town that not many people outside Washington have heard of, she’s an amazing person who somehow always makes things fun and light hearted. She admires her for her passion for the game and the hard work she’s put in that got her to where she is now. Someday she hopes to be like her, playing for a college as a starter and giant asset to the team. She gets most of her inspiration for the game from her parents, her coach, and teammates. No matter where it is her parents are always at her games cheering her on from the stands. They support her in her basketball career more than anyone else and for that she is deeply grateful. Aside from them is her amazing coach who always encourages her to reach for the stars despite the bumps in the road and her teammates who are incredibly fun, nice, and a blast to play with. Coach Bando puts an unbelievably large amount of time into our team in order to teach them all they know and helps them get places in both their basketball careers and lives. She works with them just about everyday pushing them to do their best on and off the court. Personally, coach Brando has helped step up Roppolo’s game in numerous ways from court IQ to using more advanced moves at the post, as well as encouraging her to be a good teammate and making her a better person.