Little Women

Little Women is a classic book read and loved by millions. The book was written by Louisa May Alcott in 1868-1869. Before Louisa May Allcott wrote many classic and timeless novels she spent her time writing plays and acting them out with her three sisters. She got all of her schooling from her father who believed that children should enjoy getting an education. As a child, her family moved around a lot because her father couldn’t find work. They finally settled in a house in Concord, Massachusetts. In 1847 she discovered and read the book, Declaration of Sentiments. A book about equality for women, written by Elizabeth Cady Stanton in 1842. It 1849 her family relocated to Boston where Alcott took odd jobs to help support her family.  The book Declaration of Sentiments inspired Alcott to start writing, in 1852 she published her first poem “Sunlight”. She published her first book Flower Fables , in 1854. Her family moved once again and she stayed in Boston to pursue her literary career. When one of her sisters died of Scarlet fever, Alcott went back to Concord where her family moved during her sisters sickness, to comfort her mother. In 1862 she went to serve as an army nurse. After her time helping in the war, her publisher wanted Alcott to write “a girl’s” story. In two and a half months Alcott wrote Little Women. The book was an instant success and loved so much that fans requested a sequel, the two books were later combined into one book Little Women. In less than three years 87,000 copies of Little Women were sold.

Little Women was made into a movie in 1933, 1949, 1994, 2018, and again in 2019. The 2019 movie was directed by Greta Gerwig. The movie does a good job of portraying the book, except small parts of the book that don’t establish any part of the plot. Little Women is a novel about going from childhood to adulthood. The book starts when the girls are still young and in their teen years and throughout the book the March sisters. They learn about the hardships of adult life. The novel is loosely based on Alcotts real life, with Anna representing Meg the oldest, Jo representing Louisa Alcott, Beth representing Elizabeth (Lizzy as known by her family), and Abigail, better known as May, representing Amy the youngest of the sisters. Louisa writes Little Women based in her family because her publishers wanted “a girls” story and her family were they only girls that Louisa connected to.