Staycationing in Gig Harbor


Mid-Winter Break is a week of peace for students and teachers and it’s in 10 school days. Some people are traveling all over but staying right here in the Harbor is also a great way to spend break. If you aren’t going anywhere here are some great staycation activities.

  • Visiting museums-
    • Gig Harbor has so many museums that are great for families and friends. The Fox Island Historical Society, is a small local museum. Admission is only a $1.00 donation, and it’s a great place for a quick stop. Another great place to visit is the Harbor History Museum; some of us may remember taking a trip there in fourth grade. It is a great place to take the whole family to as admission is free. They have games and activities for young children, as well as an old school house built in 1893.
  • The UnderGround Tour-
    • If you can travel to Seattle, the underground tour is a must. After living in Washington for over six years, going on the underground tour wasn’t something I had done till last year. It is a great historical and informational experience. It is a walking tour that does go up and down stairs repeatedly and there are no benches or elevators along the tour. Admission can be pricey, but if you can go I would highly recommend it.
  • Taking a Day trip-
    • If the weather permits going down to Ocean Shores is a great day trip to take with family and pets. The scenery is amazing and there is tons of space for kids and dogs to run to their heart’s content. They also have horse rides along the ocean, which is great for little ones. There is ice cream and candy shops nearby to stop for tasty treats. Ocean Shores is also great for flying kites.
  • Going on a Walk-
    • Gig Harbor has so many amazing trails which are not only fun for you but your four legged friends can tag along too. The McCormic off-leash dog trails are great for pets and their owners. There is mud and bushes for your pups to play in. My dogs Noel and Addy love these trails; there is a huge open field for Noel to play fetch in and a stream for Addy to splash in. They have water spigot to wash off muddy pups and water bowls all over the trails.
  • Visit the beach-
    • Although we don’t have sandy beaches and warm water, you can still have fun at local beaches. The Fox Island Spit is a great picnic location for a sunny day. It’s the only place that has clay babies; you just can’t take them or the shells. If that isn’t your thing you could take a walk along the Skansie Brothers Park. There is a long dock with a great view and a big open grass field. There are boutiques and cafes all around that area.