Lost on Land


It’s not often we stumble across stories about sea lions in the news. These large, blubbery creatures often stick to where they belong– the salty sea. However, this was not the case on Sunday the 23rd. Cowlitz County, a Washington County along the border of Oregon, received a special visit from a sea lion– the surprising part? She was many miles away from the nearest body of water.

According to CNN, the sea lion was spotted late evening by wildlife officers, who had neither the resources nor the expertise to capture the beast. Thus, they arranged for transportation in the morning. But she did not follow the officer’s plan, instead choosing to continue her trek deeper into the woods, and Amanda Jackson of CNN said that she “was spotted sitting on the road at times and even in someone’s driveway.”

When the officers finally caught up to her, she was not compliant. Scott Schroeder was quoted in an article by Oregon Live, claiming, “She was very aggressive. If you got within 20 feet of her, she would go after you.”

Later in the article, it was said that “the sea lion would turn on its flippers and lunge ‘like an alligator’ at anyone who got too close” and Schroeder told the writer, “I think everybody had a face full of sea lion breath more than once.”

In the end, the officers eventually found an opportunity to capture the animal. After being directed to a cage attached to the trailer of one of the officers’ trucks, the sea lion was finally returned to the Columbia River without any injuries.