Mid-Winter Break


According to Jason Mackay, the most exciting thing he did over mid-winter break was skiing. He stated that it was fun and a great day to be outside. He also added that the place he went skiing at was filled with snow so it made it much more fun to Ski in and go down the slopes in. But overall he said it was such a fun experience with his family and being able to race them in the snow and make new memories with them.

According to Emma Floz, the most exciting thing she did over mid-winter break was traveling to Michigan and Lake Superior. These things were exciting because she reunited with her best friend that was very exciting for her and super fun as well. They did so many crazy and fun things while spending some time together. She also said she went dog sledding which was really fun for her, she walked around the town of Michigan and she stated there was a lot of cool things to see and do and that she had such a blast there she would love to go there again! Lastly, she also visited old relatives who were fun as well. 

According to Jenifer Lara-Garcia, mid-winter break was so much fun because she went to downtown Seattle. She had such a fun time with friends and family because there are so many fun things to do like visiting the gum wall. Or even this Chinese food place which is good its the best she’s ever had. But it was also fun to have her grandparents from Mexico come.  

According to Quinn Lehman, the most exciting thing she did over this mid-winter break was that she went to Hawaii. It was exciting for her because she got to swim with sharks and surfed with friends. She had such a great time doing those activities she said. It was a fun time with her family too.