Eco-Friendly products for summer


The sun is starting to show in Gig Harbor, meaning sunburns and heat are right around the corner. We all love basking in the sun, but we don’t love sunburns. Sunscreen, a creation loved by many, can have ocean harming chemicals in them. Flip flops, an essential summer item can take over 100 years to start decomposing. 

Sunscreen can have oxybenzone, octinoxate, octocrylene, 4-methyl benzylidene camphor, and para-aminobenzoic acid (PABA) which kill coral and damage coral reefs. Without coral, the reefs would disappear, causing fish and other marine animals to lose their homes; fishermen lose their jobs because of lack of fish, and without fish, our economy would crash. Common sunscreen brands such as Coppertone, Ocean Potion, and some Neutrogena sunscreens use all of these harmful chemicals. While ocean safe sunscreens can be more expensive, there are some affordable options, such as Thinksport SPF 50, Bamboo Botanicals SPF 30 clear zinc lotion, and Banana Boat baby sunscreen. 

Flip Flops are a go-to, easy footwear choice for summer, but the non-recyclable plastics can take 100 years until they even start decomposing. Even big-name brands are starting to get onboard with earth-friendly flip flops, such as Adidas. Adidas came out with a recycled tread flip flop made from garbage found on beaches. Gumbies has a flip flop made from entirely upcycled flip flops, that are even recyclable. 

Keeping our earth and oceans safe is as simple as looking for upcycled items or checking the ingredients on the back of a bottle.