Animal Crossing: New Horizons Review


Animal Crossing: New Horizons is a recently released game for the Nintendo Switch and another game in the Animal Crossing series. Released on March 20th, 2020, the game was hyped beyond proportion, and for good reason. Nintendo announced they were working on this new installment a little over a year ago and previous Animal Crossing fans along with those who had never played an Animal Crossing game were excited to finally have a new game on the newest console from Nintendo. Although this is my first Animal Crossing game, it’s all I’ve even thought about playing for the past week. Animal Crossing: New Horizons is the ideal game for everybody, casual or competitive. The game itself has been designed to be a relaxing, friendly, and easy game that anybody could pick up and play, with no way to win or lose. The game may sound quite simple on the surface, with your main goal being to build a community on your new island that you’re living on, but there’s much more to it. You can catch fish and bugs and donate them to your museum, you can design your own home, build relationships with animals in your community, change your outfit, and much more. With a game designed to relax and entertain the player at the same time, Nintendo has outdone themselves again with Animal Crossing: New Horizons.