The Midnight Gospel


The Midnight Gospel is a recently released show on Netflix created by animator Pendleton Ward, better known for animating Adventure Time, and voice actor Duncan Trussel, creator of the Duncan Trussel Family Hour podcast. If I could describe the show myself, I’d say it’s an absolutely mind-blowing, must-watch show that is a new personal favorite. The main character named Clancy has a universe simulator, where he dives in and travels to different Earths to interview the people living there for his podcast, or as he likes to call it, his space cast. The topics in the show consist of living, dying, and what it could be like after death, and keeps your mind rolling and ready for the next episode. Most of the dialogue is actually pulled from the Duncan Trussel Family Hour podcast, where they were real conversations that happened, and later added the animations as a way to further captivate the viewer. The show isn’t afraid to discuss controversial topics and shed new perspectives on obscure, sometimes unheard of topics as well. If you need a new show to watch, or you’re just bored, I highly recommend The Midnight Gospel. It’s a must-watch.