Seahawks Get First Win at Lumen Field

http://Arizona Cardinals v Seattle SeahawksQue the Thursday Night Football music,¬†because the Seattle Seahawks take on the Arizona Cardinals in primetime. Last night, the 6-3 Seahawks took on the 6-3 division rival Cardinals in a primetime TNF matchup. All of the pre-game analysists were split on who would leave the newley named Lumen Feild (formerly CenturyLink Feild) victorious. Many doubts surrounded Seahawks fans, as the last time Seattle and Arizona matched up Arizonal won in an overtime thriller, 37-34. The first quarter started well for Seattle, putting up 7 points through the air from Russell Wilsons magnificent arm to DK Metcalfs freakishly huge body. Seattles defense held up well also, keeping the cardinals to minimal first downs, and no points. The second quarter was much tighter offensively, with the Seahawks putting up 9 points (touchedown, missed PAT, feild goal) and the Cardinals running a touchdown in as well. Going into half time, the score was 16-7 in Seattles favor, but still doubts surrounded their defense and their ability to hold up. Not only did they prove all of the doubters wrong, but the proved them wrong with style. With 9 minutes and 18 seconds left in the game, the score 23-21 with Seattle on top, Seattles defense forces a safety making it 25-21. Wilson leads the Seahawks down the feild, which leads to an eventual feild goal, making it 28-21 with around 3 minutes left in the game. This is when I recieved a message from the Director of Choral Activities at GHHS, Ryan Batcheller. “I hate this!!” is all the message read, but we all know exactly what he is talking about. Making homage to Kyler Murrays last weeks phenomenon of a literal last-second play to win the game over Buffalo, that’s all any of us could think aboout. Carlos Dunlap (one of Seattle’s most recent aquisitions on defense) on the other hand, had different plans. Murray and the Cardinals marched down to seattles 27 yard line, and went 0/3 trying to convert the first down. 4th down, 38 seconds on the clock, 10 yards to keep the game alive. This is where previously mentioned Carlos Dunlap’s plans come into action. Play clock winds down, Murray gets the snap and drops back 10 yards. As he staps foreward in the pocket DUnlap comes out of nowhere and brings him to the ground, crushing all hopes of any Cardinal fan/Seahawk haters out there. Seattle now sits atop the NFC west with a 7-3 record, as we head into a delightful stretch of games for the next 4 weeks. Eagles, Giants, Jets, and The Washington Football team are to come, taking us to week 15, where we face division rival LA Rams in a rematch, and the San Francisco 49ers in week 16.