Spiderman No Way Home Review

The third installment of Tom Holland’s Spiderman saga came out recently on December 17th 2021. No Way Home is projected to swing more than 500 million at the box office making it one of the biggest hits at the box office of all time. This is a spoiler filled review so if you haven’t seen No Way Home yet stop reading now. Spiderman Homecoming and Spiderman Far From Home both sit in my upper echelon of Marvel movies and films in general.

The beginning of the movie beautifully orchestrates the toll that having his identity out takes on Peter. The movie shows a scenario that would cause Peter to go to Dr. Strange Begging for the forgetting spell without making it feel pushed. One of my least favorite parts of the movie was the spell sequence. This scene feels kind of forced which makes the main conflict of the film feel pulled out of no where. Although I don’t like how they come to Toms world I love the villains. The nostalgia brought on from this film is unmatched. For all that grew up watching the previous spider mans seeing the villains brought back was legendary. Sam Hughes (9) said “truly a cinematic masterpiece, best marvel movie I’ve ever seen.” While I don’t agree with the statement that it is the best marvel movie I agree that is was a masterpiece. Peter wanting to save the villains feels very true to his character although we all knew something would go wrong. The scene where Peter tries to give them the antidotes resulting in the apartment fight was “entertaining and had me on the edge of my seat,” according to Colin Nelson (9). Aunt Mays death was heartbreaking and a pivotal point in the movie. Her death motivated Peter to be the hero he is throughout the rest of the rest of the movie.

When Ned and MJ opened the portal I knew it was gonna be Andrew or Tobey which was one of the most exciting moments in film history. Seeing Andrew and Tobey was magical and nostalgic and was overall just a highlight of the film. A highlight of Andrew’s and Tobey’s return was the final battle which was “electric and one of the best moments in in marvel movie history,” and Kimi Rafanan (9). Kimi said it greatly, the final battle wha unbelievably historic. The cinematography was top tier with great camera angles, lighting and cgi. The fight scenes were classic Spiderman mixed with great sense of friendship and modern dialogue. Andrew Garfield mentioned that the movie “helped me make peace with Spiderman and come to a sorta closure.” The part where Andrew caught MJ falling to her death really emphasized this. In the Amazing Spider-man 2, Andrew’s character fails to save Gwen which was his equivalent to MJ in his films. The breathtaking scene where he saves MJ in No Way Home brought tears to the audiences eyes and his own. All of this is to say Spiderman No Way Home was one of the best if not the best movie of the year.