How To: Style Rainy Day Outfits

Sanda Gugin, Staff

It’s no secret that Washington winters include lots and lots of rain. Resisting the urge to wear sweatpants and hoodies becomes increasingly difficult as the weather gets gloomier. These following tips, however, will help you stay dry and look cute during these rainy months.

·        Wear bright, bold colors! Color is an instant mood enhancer, and wearing energetic colors such as a coral and yellow will pick up your mood during bleak rainy days. Pastels such as lavender and mint green are also adorable and trendy. If you normally wear black and want to break away from the mold, try incorporating jewel tones. Navy, maroon, and hunter green are all rich colors that complement all skin tones.

·        Dress in layers! Layering is an easy way to instantly look put-together. Thus, you look stylish while at the same time keeping warm. Trench coats and army jackets create a polished look while sweaters are comfy and chic. If it’s really freezing outside, you can even add a collared shirt to peek through your sweater. Layering tights or knee-high socks under skirts is also super cute to do this season if your style is more girly.

·        Add scarves and gloves! Scarves are staples pieces that you can wear all year, but wintery scarves are especially cozy. Plaid, fuzzy, or cable knit scarves all make it seem like you put an effort into your outfit even if you totally didn’t. Gloves keep your fingers toasty warm during blustery rainy days.

·        Top it off with a hat! Rainy weather means frizzy hair, and if you’re having a bad hair day, then hats are your best friend. Wide-brimmed, black fedoras are edgy whilst beanies are effortlessly cool.

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