“Noises Off”, Laughs On


Ethan Bollert

Senior Cayla Berejikian (Dotty Otley) and junior Will Sherwin (Garry Lejeune) converse during the rehearsal within the play.

As the fall play wraps up, this weekend is your last chance to watch the presentation of Noises Off  put on by your fellow Tides. If some of you are skeptical about going, heres some background to get you started.

Noises Off is quite confusing to begin with but you eventually get used to it. What’s so confusing about it you ask? Well, it is a play within a play. The whole plot is that the group of characters are going on tour to present a production of a play called Nothing On which is about a group of people who all think the house is empty but all run into each other while walking around trying to do different things. The play is broken up into three parts.

Act One follows the characters as they struggle to put together the opening scene in their dress rehearsal and the director gets more and more off tempered about the work they’re putting in.

Act Two follows the characters one month later as they present the play in front of a live crowd. This part is intriguing because the audience already understands how the play will be presented from the dress rehearsal and you get to see the play from backstage as they all get mad and struggle behind the scenes while trying to put on a good show.

The final act is meant to make us be the audience of the play within the play and we see the characters all fail dramatically as they have gotten fed up with each other over the course of the play tour.

If you see this play there are many reasons why you will like it. First off, you get to see your friends act on stage and also…this production is hilarious. They’ve said on the intercoms during school that it guarantees a laugh, and it sure does. So if you are interested in having a good time this weekend I recommend seeing the Fall Play. It’s $8.00 for students and $10.00 for adults either online or at the door. Come at seven o’clock tonight or tomorrow. See you there!