AP Testing


AP testing is an end of the course exam you take after finishing a year of an AP class which stands for advanced placement. Majority of this courses are a college-level classes which will  be helpful in the near future, but you have to put in a lot of work throughout the year.

I asked some students what test(s) they took and why? Also what ones they would like to take in the future?

Bailey Werner: “I took AP Biology, AP Calculus, AP Language and Composition”

“Next year I will be taking AP Calculus BC, AP Government, AP Chemistry, AP Psych, AP Art History”

Haley Anderson: “I took AP Biology, and AP Lang & Comp”

“Next Year I will be taking AP Research, AP Literature, AP Environmental Science, and AP Calculus.”

Abigal Adams:”I took AP Comp & Lang”

“Next Year I’m Going to take AP Government and AP Literature”