Spider-Man: Homecoming REVIEW

Felix Guerrero

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Spider-Man: Homecoming was released July 7, 2017. Image from HD Wallpapers. Visit full site here: https://www.hdwallpapers.in/spider_man_homecoming_2017_movie_4k-wallpapers.html.

Spider-Man: Homecoming was released July 7, 2017. Image from “HD Wallpapers.” Visit full site here: https://www.hdwallpapers.in/spider_man_homecoming_2017_movie_4k-wallpapers.html.

Marvel’s Captain America: Civil War left us hanging with a few questions: are Iron Man and Captain America enemies, friends or frenemies? Is Bucky now a good guy? Or is still planning another attack? Where in the universe was Thor and Hulk (no pun intended) in the middle of this battle between the superheroes? But above all, there was one hero all Marvel fans were dying to know about: what’s up with the new Spider-Man? Is there going to be a third Spider-Man remake? More interesting; is this new Spider-Man part of the Avengers? Well fans, those questions, and a few others, can be answered with Marvel’s latest movie: Spider-Man: Homecoming. While many people were super excited for this movie, others were uncertain whether Marvel should take this step and use it as a puzzle to their cinematic timeline. Tom Holland, playing the role of Spider-man, was able to act out this major role in this spectacular film. And as all critics say, he nailed it. Starting off with events from Civil War, Peter Parker, somewhat of a normal and neighbor-friendly teenager, comes back home to his hometown in New York after battling with the Avengers. While he’s thrilled to become a superhero like Iron Man, there are many obstacles in his pathway of becoming a real superhero such as the lack of training, high school, and Tony Stark himself; the one who lended Peter the tech suit with many special features. Although he knows the responsibilities of becoming an Avenger, Peter fights his way, literally and figuratively, to demonstrate to Tony Stark that he is able to handle those responsibilities by fighting crime, evil, and of course a little bit of bullying. I personally think this movie deserves the best of all the awards because it gives an inspirational message that all teens should take as advice: always continue on your pathway no matter how many boundaries and obstacles you face. Because your goal matters more than all the problems interrupting your way. Whether your goal is as small as trying to organize your room, or as big as getting a master’s degree in a university, do what Journey tells you to do: “Don’t stop believing.”