Spirit Week!


Every year leading up to the biggest football game of the year, Fishbowl, we show our Tide Spirit during Spirit Week. The themes of Spirit Week this year were White Out Day, Tie Dye Day, Pajama Day, Wacky Day, and finally Tide Pride Day!

Monday kicked off spirit week with White Out! Students wore white from head to toe to show their spirit and support for the school. The most popular outfit was white jeans with a variety of white shirts and white Converse for the girls and basic white basketball shorts, shoes, and shirts for the guys.

Then came Tie Dye Tuesday. Students wore different kinds of tie dye shirts from ones they made themselves, to store bought ones, with different designs. Some students even wore tie dye leggings and jeans. Tuesday was a really colorful day on campus.

On Wednesday we had Pajama Day, where students wore pajamas on campus. This was definitely one of the most popular spirit days, because it allowed students to be extra comfy. Many people wore sweatpants with baggy shirts and sweatshirts, some also wore slippers and carried around blankets. Pajama day was a blast!

Thursday was a Wacky Day. Students wore the craziest and wackiest outfits they could create. From stripes and polka dots to clashing colors, there were not many people on campus who matched.

Last but not least, it was the biggest day of all with Tide Pride Day! Students got completely decked in all their Tide gear, because that evening would be the annual Fishbowl, the biggest game of the year! Every year, around this time, we play against our rivaling team, the Peninsula Seahawks! The whole campus was completely blue and white to show our support and dedication to our football team!

From tie dye shirts, to blue and white, to pajamas and crazy outfits, 2017 Spirit Week was a success!