Senior Nick Yockey Takes Mr. Gig Harbor Crown


Martin Brazier lifts up his opponent, Parker Cowan after a sumo-wrestling match in adult diapers.

Pageants are no longer a female dominant performance. March 14 was a busy day for Gig Harbor High School. Shortly after the peaceful protest against gun violence in schools, they hosted their annual Mr. Gig Harbor Pageant in the main gym from 6:30-8:30 pm. It was $10 to enter the gymnasium for the pageant, which many students did not know until the end of the show was to go towards the winner’s chosen charity to donate to.


The pageant was hosted by the comedic science-lover, senior Jack Deeds. He explained all of the different rounds of the pageant and ended his opening speech by introducing each of the judges: senior class advisor Mrs. Yemen, and senior officers Haley Anderson, Madison McFarland, Cece Rolands, and Rebecca Ronzone.  

This year’s Mr. Gig Harbor contestants were Jake Bertram, Parker Cowan, Alec Mclean, Mark Kimball, Martin Brazier, and Timothy Daniel Mckay. The show started with Jack Deeds calling up each of the contestants, who were escorted by their lovely ladies. Timothy Mckay however, took a different route than all the other contestants. Instead of being escorted by a female friend, he was escorted by his male friend, with their hands in each other’s back pockets.


Martin Brazier strayed away from the conventional suit and tie and instead came out in a farmer’s “uniform,” that is, overalls and a hat–that’s right ladies. Brazier was showing skin.


Mark Kimball impressed the audience during the beach-wear round when he strutted onstage in his shades and sprayed himself with shiny sunscreen.


But the lip-sync battle won the entertainment award for the night. Martin Brazier swept the gals in the audience off their feet with his reenactment of Channing Tatum’s dance moves in Magic Mike XXL, to the song “Pony,” by Ginuwine. He even made his way down from the stage and to the stairs on the bleachers where the audience in the front row got an up close look at his backflip back onto the court.


Soon after, Timothy Mckay’s passionate performance of Adele’s “Someone Like You,” went from emotional to…angry? From the words of Jack Deeds, the episode was “unexpected but not unwelcome!”


Jake Bertram partnered with Nick Yockey in a fabulous ballet performance with their twirly accessories.


At the end of all of the rounds, each contestant was asked a series of questions, some of which were random, but most of which were science related, created by the science-lover, Jack Deeds himself. The guys had three chances to impress the judges and the audience with their intelligence.

“How heavy is the average human head?” Jack Deeds asked the suave Timothy Mckay. He answered a very precise “seventeen pounds,” but was unfortunately off by seven pounds. According to Jack Deeds, the average human head only weighs 10 pounds.

Mark Kimball was asked what he would name his autobiography and he paused as if to think of an answer, slowly looked up at the crowd microphone in hand and replied, “Versace.” With that he exited the stage as the crowd roared.

The time came for the judges to announce the winner and 2018’s Mr. Gig Harbor. Timothy Mckay was announced as the people’s choice winner, and Jake Bertram took a close second, winning the runner-up position. But Nick Yockey was crowned Mr. Gig Harbor 2018. He sauntered on stage and graciously accepted the crown. The crowd seemed to agree with the judges’ decisions.


The funds that were raised by charging $10 for students to enter the pageant will be donated to Nick’s chosen charity. A job well done to all of the guys and congratulations to our very own, Nick Yockey.