The New Normal


COVID-19 has really taken a toll on our day to day lives. So many things have changed and we’ve had to adapt. I’ve started texting my friends almost every day because I don’t want to lose them! A lot of schools are doing online school, which is nothing we’ve had to do before. Along with online, there’s Zoom. I hadn’t even heard of Zoom before COVID-19, and now I’m on Zoom almost every day. We have to wear masks everywhere and wash our hands a lot. At one point, there was even a shortage of hand sanitizer and toilet paper! We can barely hang out with anyone, everything is canceled, and everyone is tired of their houses.

People are trying new things to keep themselves busy. Morgan Kelly, a freshman at GHHS, stated,  “Overall my school days got to be quite repetitive and monotonous, but my social and personal life quickly adapted to fill in all the extra time. My friends and I started texting all the time and I learned new hobbies like guitar, and crocheting, while continuing old ones like ukulele, sketching, felting, and most of all, reading!”

Quarantine has been a great time to pick up old hobbies and gain new ones! Kaitlynn Weaver, a freshman at GHHS, said her life has changed over quarantine. “It may be annoying after a while to not be as active, but there were some good parts, like spending more time with family and getting a rest!” Family time is super important! Make sure to make time for your loved ones!

I think quarantine has been good in some ways. I’ve learned that my friends are true friends, I’ve had some quality time with my family and I’ve gotten to know myself. It’s nice having more free time and trying new things. I’ve been doing a lot of cooking and baking. It’s very fun and I didn’t do it as much before quarantine! Make sure to make the best of this quarantine!