Movie watching in Quarantine

Okay, so I was originally hoping to do a movie review on a movie from 2020, until I realized that I haven’t seen ANYTHING from 2020! Movie theaters have been closed, thus my lack of knowledge on 2020 cinematography. Times have changed, so the film industry had to as well! 2020 has been “The Year of the Streaming Services”(as I like to call it), truly a viable tool to enjoy the newest movies and shows in the comfort of your own home! Netflix and Hulu have been around forever, but plenty of other streaming services have started to make a name for themselves, like Disney+, HBO Max, Discovery+, Amazon Prime, Tubi, Peacock, and I’m only getting started! All amazing services, with all the movies you could love, and exclusive movies and shows that one would HAVE to watch! And as a plus, it can give many the chance to review and renovate their personal theater, making it by far, the best theater it could be! It’s a golden opportunity to eat foods that normally wouldn’t be allowed in any theater, and another moment to bond with your pets(or your family I guess). So let’s get out the buffalo wings, dim the lights, snuggle with a loved one, and question why no one is wearing a mask in the movie!