Extra Week of Semester 1


Everyone was surprised when they found out that there was going to be an extra week of semester one. Whether it was so there was more time to figure out the schedule for semester 2, or whether it was more time so people could turn in their late work, nobody really knows what’s about to happen. This semester, some people are going hybrid, and others are staying online. That messes up the schedule quite a bit, because not only do you have to figure out the classes being switched around and stuff, but also there is going to be quite the change of teachers, and nobody really knows what’s going to happen yet. This extra week has been fine so far. Abby Hunter says “I think the extra week is fine. I was excited to see semester one wrap up, but another week doesn’t hurt anything!” Many people love this extra week, because it is plenty of more time to get your late work in, and get your grade up. We did have a day off on Friday, even though it is not the end of the semester yet. The teachers still graded, and I don’t think this extra week will hurt anything. Not everyone loves it though. “I’m not a big fan of this extra week” Natalie Flick says. “I already had my homework assignments in, but I am excited because I won’t have some of the same teachers next semester.” The teachers had to quickly think of what to do this week. Some teachers continued it like nothing happened, and important assignments are still being done or due. Other teachers know that it’s the last week of the semester, so they have us use class time for things like missing work, or to watch interesting videos that allow us to learn, without the stress of the semester ending. Overall, this extra week was not expected, but in the long run, didn’t really hurt anything.