The New Wednesday Schedule

The New Wednesday Schedule

This year has been crazy. We’ve had so many schedules and they’re all different. However, Wednesdays have changed the most and have had the most dramatic change. We used to have just homeroom from 11:00 am to noon, but now we have all our classes and each class is 30 minutes long. Some people enjoy this while others don’t.

I liked the old schedule when we only had one class and it was an hour. This gave me the rest of the day to do homework or relax if I had it all done. With the new schedule, our classes are all 30 minutes except homeroom, which is 45 minutes. Christian Keck a freshman at GHHS said, “This new Wednesday schedule has very short periods that very little work can be done in.” Class is very rushed with no time to really learn anything and I would rather use that time to get work done. I usually try to get my work done during class, but it’s challenging because I also have to pay attention and participate in class. You also have to get up earlier because school starts at 8:30 rather than 11:00.

I asked Maddie Reneau (9) what she thought about the new Wednesday schedule, and she responded, “I don’t like it because it’s online and homeroom wastes so much time when we could be actually working on school work but instead we have to talk about our stupid feelings. I think it’s pointless to have Wednesday classes if we can’t do anything productive.” Finally, someone said it. I agree, I think homeroom is a waste of time. It should be used for office hours or some kind of homework help time.

Although there are a lot of negatives, there are some positives. This is a good time to ask the teacher individual questions because sometimes there are a lot of students during office hours and then I can relax during that time or get the work done I didn’t understand. Some teachers don’t email back in time so it’s nice to get to ask them “face to face.” With classes being split into A and B groups you only get to see the people in your group, but on Wednesday you get to see everyone which is nice.

Do you like the new Wednesday schedule?